OFX Money Transfer: Unveiling the Drawbacks

OFX Money Transfer has gained popularity as a convenient online money transfer service, offering competitive exchange rates, low fees, and fast transfer times. However, it's essential to acknowledge the drawbacks associated with this service before making a transfer.

OFX Money Transfer: What Are The Drawbacks?

Drawbacks Of OFX Money Transfer

Limited Availability:

  • OFX Money Transfer is not accessible in all countries.
  • Countries where OFX is unavailable include Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Sudan.
  • This limited availability is attributed to regulatory restrictions or lack of banking infrastructure in certain regions.

Currency Restrictions:

  • OFX Money Transfer doesn't support all currencies.
  • Currencies not supported by OFX include the Iranian Rial, North Korean Won, and Syrian Pound.
  • These currency restrictions are due to currency controls or lack of liquidity in certain markets.

Transfer Limits:

  • OFX Money Transfer imposes transfer limits for specific countries and currencies.
  • For instance, the daily transfer limit for sending USD to India is $10,000.
  • These transfer limits are in place due to regulatory requirements or risk management policies.


  • OFX Money Transfer charges fees for its services.
  • Fees include transfer fees, currency conversion fees, and other charges.
  • OFX's fees are generally competitive compared to other money transfer services, but it's essential to compare fees before making a transfer.

Customer Support:

  • OFX Money Transfer's customer support has received mixed reviews.
  • Some users have reported positive experiences with quick and helpful support, while others have encountered language barriers or limited availability of support channels.
  • These mixed reviews highlight the need for OFX to improve its customer support services.

Security Concerns:

  • There have been some security concerns raised about OFX Money Transfer.
  • These concerns include reported security breaches or vulnerabilities.
  • OFX has taken steps to address these concerns by implementing security measures and protocols to safeguard user information and transactions.


Before using OFX Money Transfer, consider the following recommendations:

  • Check if OFX is available in your country and supports the currency you need.
  • Be aware of the transfer limits and fees associated with your specific transfer.
  • Compare OFX's fees with other money transfer services to ensure you're getting the best deal.
  • Research OFX's customer support options and consider whether they meet your needs.
  • Consider alternative money transfer services that may be better suited for your specific requirements.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision about whether OFX Money Transfer is the right choice for your money transfer needs.

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